Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We already knew that

Over at instapundit I noticed a link to this story on pajamas media. Basically what this study determined is what has already been known for a long time, that pigs are a very good vector for any virus that wants to jump across species to humans.

But the good thing about this modern way of farming them is that it basically makes each piggery an isolated population. The greatest risk of bird flu becoming contagious amongst humans is for pigs to contract it, and mutate with another human borne virus. In this case the isolation works to minimise this, since they are not farmed alongside birds, and the humans who are entering and leaving are made to washed down upon entry (as well as all vehicles entering and leaving).

Where it is most likely to occur is where birds and pigs are farmed alongside, such as is common in China. In fact they've already caught it doing exactly that there.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Credit where credits not due

Is it just me, or does it seem that the French government waited for things to begin quietening down before they took any action?

To take action earlier would have required them to take tougher action than they were obviously were prepared to, and if things run out of steam before you do anything, it just highlights that you were powerless to do anything. Better for it to look like your measures helped stop things, than it to appear that you twiddled your thumbs until the "youths" got bored?

It seems to me like the village witch doctor waiting for stormclouds to appear before commencing his raindance.

Of course the other way of making the "crisis" go away it to redefine "crisis". How nuanced.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Not clear on the concept

While watching the news last night, they had coverage of the usual fools (the ones protesting, not the attendees) who were busily throwing molotovs into shop windows. Now, I guess I can see how torching some small business might seem symbolic of global corporations crushing local businesses to these pinheads, but the real joke was the reporter who insisted this was intended as a peaceful protest, and only turned violent when the police moved in. So we are meant to believe that they brought their molotov's "just in case"?