Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hating hircinous Hicks humectates holothurians

Apparently today is not only the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's shooting, but also the 4th anniversary of David Hicks caribbean holiday, so his supporters are having a party in his honor. Not that I totally object to that, I support parties for just about any reason, with the possible except of political ones.

As usual, they moan that he must be tried in a civil court. That would be true if he was arrested by the police in a law enforcement operation. But he wasn't, he was detained in a military operation while fighting for the other side.

The problem for the left in championing his case is right there in the opening few words of the article "SUPPORTERS of Australian terror suspect". I'm astounded that they think that they can get anyone to give a rats arse about what happens to him. To quote one from Kev's comments:

The problem for the right (which you’d have to agree with) is that with the Government ignoring this bong smoker from Adelaide, and letting him rot in a Cuban gaol without justice, one has a rallying point for the left which might just come back to haunt Howard, especially should the trail process be found illegitimate.

Rally around Hicks all you want, as long as your intention is to keep Howard in power. If you want the support of the australian people, I'd suggest not deliberately associating yourself with someone who'd like to see their way of life destroyed.