Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mad mullah Mahmoud mulls massive move

Iran's hardline* President has softened his stance on Israel. Now instead of wiping them out, he says he'd be happy for them to simply be forced to move from the middle east. See, he can be reasonable, we just need to be more understanding of his point of view.

Kofi it seems is shocked by this. I'm sure he'd be just as shocked to find out what Iran would like to use it's long range missiles with "Death to Israel" painted on the side for as soon as it acquires nuclear technology.

*I seem to remember him being refered to as a "moderate" when he was elected. In fairness he probably was the most moderate of the candidates who where allowed to run. And for his involvement in the Embassy hostage crisis he gets described as "a straight-talking former commando". Lovely.