Monday, December 12, 2005

Remorsefully taking to his feet he beat a very remorseful retreat

Remorseful for the killing, or just the fact he was arrested for it?

Ok lets see, runs down and kills 82 year old woman. Apparently was doing 54km/h, and while the article doesn't mention what the speed limit was, I doubt it was much less than that. Maybe he just wasn't paying attention, or perhaps she ran out in front of him.

I'd have a lot easier time believing how remorseful he was, if he hadn't gone to such lengths to conceal his crime. First took off after the accident. Then lied to the police when questioned about his whereabouts. Then presented fake ownership transfer papers to police, to try and claim they had sold the car. Then had the car repaired and altered. Then claims remorse when arrested. Seems to me his arrest is about his only regret.

As for his parents, if they represent the moral guidance he was raised with, it explains a lot about his actions.